Returning to Massage

This page was last updated: 2nd September 2020

ScotGov introduced new measures for Glasgow on 1 September, although these don’t directly effect massage therapy you should be aware if you were previously shielding or in a higher risk category such as over 70 or pregnant you may want to wait a few weeks before booking your appointment.

As you’d expect there are some changes for massage as we ease out of lockdown.

The clinic has been risk assessed and I have worked hard to make sure the clinic not only meets but exceeds the ScotGov guidance for the return of close contact services.

I’ve written this comprehensive page to guide you through the changes I’ve made and what you can expect when you come back for your first massage after lockdown.

If you have any questions not answered here or any suggestions on how I can improve, let me know.

Health Screening

If you or anyone in your household have experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days:

  1. A high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back,
  2. A new continuous cough – this means coughing lots for over an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours,
  3. Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal,
  4. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing,
  5. A sore throat, congestion or a runny nose,
  6. Unexplained headaches, whole body muscle aches or leg cramps,
  7. Unexplained rashes especially on feet and toes,

Or, if you or anyone in you household has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or exposed to someone who has Covid-19 in the last 14 days; your appointment must be cancelled or reschedule for a later date.

Screening Form

I’ll email you an online Health Screening Form the evening before or morning of your appointment. This form simply asks you to confirm you don’t have the above symptoms or exposure and a few other questions relating to your health and CoVid19.

You must complete and sign the online form before coming to the clinic.

Booking your Appointment

Nothing much has changed here. I’ll continue using the same online scheduling and note taking software I’ve used for the last two years. This means all consultation forms, screening forms and notes are completed, processed and secured digitally. No issues with cross contamination from pens and paper.

I’ve changed my schedule to allow for time between each appointment to clean and disinfect the treatment room and clinic space. This does mean appointments may now start on the hour or 15, 30 or 45 minutes past the hour. Please take a careful note of your start time and try to arrive as close to that time as possible and not early. Thank you!


The same as pretty much everywhere else, contact free payments are preferred but I do still take cash too.

  1. Card when booking your appointment – contact free.
  2. Pay with your Phone at appointment – contact free.
  3. Emailed invoice for payment online – contact free.
  4. Pay with Card at appointment – you’ll need to enter your PIN.
  5. Cash – I still accept cash.

Attending the Clinic

Massage Waiting Area

Please don’t arrive too early for your appointment, the less time hanging around in the waiting area the better for everyone.

You’ll see a touch-free hand sanitising machine just inside the waiting area entrance, please use it when you arrive and leave.

You don’t need to press the arrival button anymore. I’ll come to the waiting area to collect you at your appointment start time.

If someone else is in the waiting area, please maintain 2 meters physical distance as far as possible when seated or standing.

We have staggered appointment start times as much as possible to reduce the number of clients using the waiting area at any one time.

The waiting area is cleaned and sanitised regularly throughout the day.

I’ve removed all unnecessary items from the waiting area such as magazines and business cards to reduce any chances of cross contamination.

Please avoid bringing any unnecessary items such as shopping bags with you to your appointment.

To reduce the risks from cross contamination, we’re no longer offering glasses of water after your session, please bring your own bottled water with you.

Inside the Clinic

Again, you’ll find another hand sanitising station inside the main clinic, please either use that or wash your hands in the rest room as you come in.

You are welcome to use the toilet if needed. It’s cleaned and sanitised between each client including all touch points such as taps, flush, door handles and seat.

The Treatment Room

My treatment room now contains two different air purifiers to filter the air during and between sessions.

I use a BlueAir purifier with HEPA filter which filters the air in the room 5 times per hour removing 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 micron. Additionally, I also use a FreeAir purifier which instead of filtering particles with a HEPA filter, incinerates them at 200ºc.

As I’ve mentioned above, please don’t bring any unnecessary belongs with you to your appointment. If removing any personnel items like watches, earrings or necklace, please put them in your pockets, bag or purse if possible.

There’s a large plastic box to store your clothes and belongings during the session. If it’s been raining you can use the hanger for your wet outer clothing. Both are cleaned and sanitised during the room cleaning process between each client.

All surfaces, touch points and seating in the treatment room is cleaned, disinfected or wiped down between every client, including the card payment machine.

The Massage Table

My policy has always been that every client gets their own clean and fresh set of linen for each treatment – that’s a base sheet, top sheet and pillowcases if used.

There is a bio-layer below the sheets on the treatment table and face cushion which is sanitised between each client.

I’ve stopped using any fabric covers on bolsters, supports, head cushions and face cradle cushions. These now have vinyl covers which are easily sanitised after each client but unfortunately they’re not quite as soft and comfy anymore.


Massage after Lockdown

I won’t be wearing gloves during your treatment. There’s good evidence that regular hand washing and sanitising is far more effective at controlling the spread of Coronavirus than wearing and constantly changing gloves.

I’ve installed hand sanitiser machines throughout the clinic including all the treatment rooms. The first thing I do after entering the treatment room and before starting your massage is sanitise my hands and forearms.

Current ScotGov guidance mandates face coverings when inside retail establishments. Massage is classed as personal retail services, so face masks or coverings are mandatory for both you and me for the time being.

  • Please wear a face covering when arriving and in the waiting area.
  • I’ll wear a face mask when I come to collect you from the waiting area.
  • I’ll keep my face mask on for the duration of your session.
  • When working on your neck I will put on a face shield / visor too.
  • You can lower your mask slightly when face down on the massage table.
  • When facing up or side-lying your mask must be on properly.
  • I can provide a free disposable mask for anyone that doesn’t have one.
  • Please wear a face covering that secures behind your ears if possible.

If you have any anxiety around wearing a face mask, please let me know.

Please be aware it may not be possible to do any massage to your neck region if your face covering secures behind your head instead of your ears.

Remember my treatment room also has two air purifiers and completely filters the air in the treatment room 5 x per hour.

The use of face masks and coverings is constantly under review and subject to change please check here before every appointment.

Hand Washing

I sanitise and wash my hands when I get to work and whenever I’ve been out.

I wash my hands before and after doing any cleaning of the treatment room and clinic spaces.

I wash my hands before and after every massage.

I hand sanitise before I start your massage.

I ask you to also hand sanitise or wash your hands when entering the clinic.

Test and Protect

ScotGov are introducing a Test and Protect system to slow the spread of Covid19.

If you experience symptoms and test positive for Covid-19 you’ll be asked to provide details of those you’ve been in close contact with. That would include providing details about your massage appointment with me.

Like wise, should I or another client develop Covid-19 symptoms I may need to provide your contact details to Test and Protect. You understand if this happens, you and your household may be asked to self-isolate.

After your massage

The advice for after your massage is an added level of precaution and isn’t mandatory. If you can follow it do, if not don’t worry.

Travel straight home without returning to work or visiting shops and other venues.

When you get home, change your clothes and take a shower.

Then, relax and enjoy your new found freedom of movement!

In Brief

Returning to Massage after Lockdown will be a little different.

Cancel your massage if you’re feeling even slightly unwell.

The shared areas of the clinic are cleaned between clients.

The treatment room is cleaned and sanitised between every client.

Even the air you breath during your massage is continuously filtered.

Please wear a face mask to your appointment, I have disposable masks if you need one.

I will wear a face mask and when I’m working close to your head I’ll also wear a face shield / visor.

I won’t be wearing gloves or an apron.

Please use a contactless payment method if possible.

Please follow all Test & Protect guidelines.

Enjoy your massage!


If there is anything you think I should or could be doing to make your massage safer, please let me know!

This page was last updated: 2nd September 2020

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