Massage for Vocal Professionals

I’m currently not offering Voice or Vocal Massage due to Covid19.

Vocal massage and soft tissue work for voice issues is a very specific skill.

If you’re a singer, vocal professional or wind instrument musician, I’m sure you’ve experienced occasional issues with the muscles and function of your neck and throat area.

You may have experienced Globus Pharynges or Hystericus – sensation of a lump in the throat, difficulty swallowing, muscle tension dysphonia, tongue root issues or any other number of throat issues that can effect voice professionals.

There are a range of hands on manipulative techniques to help with these issues from intensive and sometimes violent laryngeal manipulation to the gentle Myofascial based neck and vocal techniques I use.

I’m not a fan of brute force treatment for any condition or part of the body let alone the neck and throat region. You’ll find my gentle Myofascial techniques are a million miles away from some of those intense manipulative techniques you may have experienced in the past.

I am not a vocal coach but am happy to work along side your voice and singing coach to help you achieve your goals from soft tissue work.

I can help you very specific issues such as dysphonia or globus along with helping you improve voice quality, range and vocal transitions, breath easier and reduce muscular tension in the throat and body and unlearn bad habitual holding patterns.

Vocal massage and Myofascial techniques for voice are appropriate for all singers, actors and vocal professionals.

My Vocal Massage and Myofascial techniques for voice professionals are based on my training with Walt Fritz PT.

Myofascial Vocal Massage
Walt Fritz Teaching Myofascial Vocal Massage @ Ninewells Hospital Dundee
Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council Registered Massage Therapist
Respect Massage Zero Tolerance