What’s the perfect massage length?
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What’s the perfect massage length?

As you’ve probably noticed I offer massage in multiple different lengths.

60 minute, 90 minute and 120 minute.

So which is best and what’s the difference?

Firstly, new clients are restricted to booking a 60 minute massage. Why? Because it’s the perfect length for you to see if I’m the right therapist for you and for me to see if I’m able to help you and provide the kind of massage you need.

Let’s face it, if you booked in for a two hour session and decided after 30 minutes that it wasn’t right for you that would be a long time hour and a half until the session ended.

Better to dip your feet in the water with a 60 minute session. If we do both decide I’m the right therapist for you, you can go on and book longer appointments in the future if you want.

So why do I offer different lengths and which is best?

As a client I certainly prefer 90 minute sessions. I think it’s the perfect amount of time to be able to have a great massage without it feeling rushed but also not too long that you’re feeling stiff when you get off the table.

Saying that the 60 minute sessions are the most popular and if you’re just looking for some work on a specific area like you back, neck and shoulders or if you’re a runner, your legs and gluteals then 60 minutes is perfect.

The problem with 60 minutes comes when you want an in-depth full body session. 60 minutes will always feel rushed and like some areas such as maybe forearms, feet, hands etc get passed over quite quickly.

Moving on, when would a 2 hour or 120 minute session be appropriate?

This kind of session is fantastic if you want some really in-depth or focused work on one or two areas but also want to include a general full body session too.

Either that of you just want an in-depth full body session and feel that 90 minutes is never quite enough.

To summarise:

If it’s your first massage ever or first massage with me, book 60 minutes.

If you only want one area addressed such as back and shoulders, book 60 minutes.

If you want the perfect full body session book 90 minutes.

If you find 90 minutes is never enough, book 120 minutes.

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